Must read..The Rules in discussion

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Must read..The Rules in discussion

Post  Admin on Mon Dec 20, 2010 2:52 am

Assalamu álaykum wrh

This forum is dedicated to all muslims and muslimat for discussion and excanging views, specially for new converts to Islam. As a guidance and strength for those who needs guidance and a shoulder to cry on. Very Happy

Discussion must be in climate of knowledge and love, striving to understand the problems faced by the poster/ he who starts the topic being discussed. And preferable to accompany with evidence from Quranic verses or hadith.

The choice of nickname have to potray faith/iman and asking for good.Furthermore all words that are used have to be polite and not promoting bad intention and circumstances.

InshaAllah this discussing will bring us the blessing of Allah and His love.Ameen.. .


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